Primary and Secondary Realities

Published On: May 29, 2020

One school of thought talks about my primary and secondary realities. As in the example mentioned earlier, it is common for us to spend nearly all our time in secondary reality. We project ourselves based on what we are – our name, clan, residence, race, gender, preferences, monetary status, employment, etc.
Now imagine if we did not have anything from the secondary reality and we were as simple as the day we are born.

As an experiment, if we were to swap two people from different parts of the world into each other’s role and observe their experience, it would reveal how much we live in the secondary realty. It would definitely make up for an interesting reality TV. Consider a child that has just left the womb and is now in our care. The child’s’ secondary reality will be shaped by the family it grows up with. For instance, if the grandparents raised the child as opposed to its parents, even in the same clan, there are differences in the child’s secondary reality. Secondary reality is about learned behaviours that shape our thinking and doing every moment. So what is primary reality?

One of the ways to describe primary reality is that child without the secondary reality. It is the original, unbiased, uninfluenced state of being. It is the state that becomes a little more dormant every day because we are shaping our lives based on the external. We receive copious amounts of information daily and we chisel ourselves to either match or oppose that information. We drift from our original self and try to be good (or bad) depending on what the new definitions are. This happens at a seemingly slow pace, but it does shape us quite a bit. For example, there was a time when mullets and bell-bottoms were the in-thing, now it is not. there are those who have seen the 60’s and are now seeing the 00’s (it is an era). Communication volume has increased, but the quality of information is somewhat ho-hum.

As an experiment spend a few moments in your primary reality. Take a moment to peel away your name, your gender, your connection etc – think of yourself as being that is not connected to anything or anyone and experience this state. At this point

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