Law of Karma

Published On: May 29, 2020

Karma means action, activity, task. Generally, when people talk about karma, it has a negative connotation i.e. karma is associated with payback for a bad action. “Instant Karma” and “Let Karma take care of it” are often used in conversation to describe a situation when someone should payback for negative actions.

However, we need to understand what is Karma. Karma is action. Karma is the activity of life. Waking up is karma, breathing is karma. Thinking is karma. Karma is an activity. No one can go beyond karma. Even sleeping is karma.

Karma can be described in 3 formats. Positive karma, negative karma and neutral karma. Breathing, sleeping, walking are examples of neutral karma. Positive karma is those of benevolence and brings benefits to the self and the beings of the universe. Generosity, compassion, empathy, help and support to fellow humans beings are examples of positive karma. Negative karma is one that has pain or suffering for self or others. It creates hurt, fears, and a variety of uncomfortable emotions.

The actions (karma) exist within the universe. Since every karma can be classified as positive, negative or neutral, it is governed by the law of the universe. The law of the universe is what makes the earth spin, it is why life exists, it is why when we eat too much, we put on weight…it is the self-managing way of the universe.
It takes a keen mind to understand that there is an underlying “method of operation” to the universe, but we need to step back and contemplate it. Part of that method of operation is the Law of Karma. Isaac Newton postulated that “For Action, there is an Equal reaction”. The law existed, but he gave it life from a scientific viewpoint.

The law of Karma states that you will reap what you plant. Again, this statement has negative connotations, but if we take it in a positive or neutral light, it means that all the good that happens in our life is a result of all the good we have done. Karma is an endless cycle of action and results.
Some results happen instantaneously, while others take decades or even lifetimes. For ease of understanding, if one plants an apple seed, one will not get oranges regardless of the expectations. No amount of influence or stimulation can create oranges from an apple tree. Once, this is ingrained into the core of my being, I can then launch into karma knowing that I influence the outcome. I know and control my future based on my current actions.
Through the Law of Karma, I control my destiny.

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