Published On: May 29, 2020

Kindness is generally linked to helping others, donating food and other resources. That only cover the physical needs and often may not be enough. Usually, the same people may need assistance again.

This is because the emotional needs have increased beyond what can be sustained yet no one is donating for the emotional needs. People generally do not donate kindness. Kindness (being nice) is donated only when it is convenient. That donation is only worth face value. Donations of such don’t give the giver or the receiver deep fulfillment. It may cover immediate needs, but it remains a temporary fix.

In order to have got the full benefit of the donation, 2 aspects are critical.

Discernment – recognizing the need and supplying the correct donation in the right dosage. Yes, one can help with physical items, but if we can go beyond the physical and see what the soul needs, that help will go a long way. It is the equivalent of teaching a man to fish.

Sincerity – one needs to be sincere that they want to help someone. Sincerity comes from a place of deep connection with the self and others. It is the intense desire to help someone go beyond what they are now.

These qualities awaken by going within and spending time with the self. The more one spends time in contemplation and introspection, the more these qualities awaken – simply because it is quiet inside.

Using these two aspects, look around you, there may be people very close to you who need donation. They may have all the physical wealth, but they may be in need of compassion, happiness, love, sweet words. Start with those around you and work your way to the world stage.

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