Care For the Self

Published On: May 29, 2020

As human beings, we care about the property, our loved ones, our jobs, our communities, our towns our country, our values, our way of life, our heritage etc. but what does it mean to care? How do we care for someone or something? Is it about protecting, making sure the needs are met, that it is safe and comfortable?

Our sense of care comes from a place deep inside. It is the external manifestation of our internal goodness. We care because we want to nurture. We nurture because it is the natural and resident quality of the self, of our inner being. It is a built-in quality that gets out to do it work regardless of how much we may suppress. One example is that even a bad person will do good deeds – as a reflex action rather than a planned and thoughtful act. and they may be perplexed afterwards because it went against their current nature.

As we mature as a human being, it becomes important that we take care of the self. One cannot be gentle and kind to others unless one applies to the self. At this time there are many wounded hearts and minds and people put up sarcasm and wit to mask that. When no one is watching them they weep inside. With all our gadgets and facilities we still long for more. It is being “Tired and Wired”. The fatigue that never goes away regardless of how much we sleep, go for vacations or take to the spas. It is that weariness that continues.

We can start taking care of the self by being gentle and kind to the self. Go easy on yourself – don’t beat yourself up if something did not pan out as you planned it to be. We as a species are known to be resilient – we don’t give up. The lightbulb worked after 1,000 unsuccessful tries. Every problem has a solution – we just need to be creative. One of the ways to be creative is to think of the solution rather than the problem with detachment. If one sees the problem with disinterest, the problem can be seen clearly. Successful problem solvers often say that once you understand the problem you have solved it 50%.

Once we get better at problem-solving, we have a method of not getting upset with the self and the creative side of the self kicks in knowing that it is a not to be a victim in the situation, but an active partner who is there with you 24/7.

When the self has become an active partner, now you can take care of others. Go now – fix the world.

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