Welcome to the Brahma Kumaris in Vancouver

Peace-filled Greetings,

Vancouver – A city where the mountains meet the ocean.  Nestled in its heart is the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre.   Brahma Kumaris have always been trendsetters going all the way back to its origin in India in the year – 1937.  The core belief is that “when I change, the world will change”. It empowers the self that “I am the agent of change that I want to see in the world”

This change, this revolution, is to be achieved in a peaceful, gentle and loving manner.  This starts with me awakening my inner strength, my innate, extraordinary abilities.

Through the practice of Raja Yoga, I become self-sovereign and activate the powers of my inner being. The Strength I need lies within

Practise a meditation, read a blog, watch a video on this website.  Dive in to empower the spirit within.


In this vast wonderful country of Canada,
if you are interested in meditation and
live far from the centre location,
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more about online services.


For spiritual seekers on the go,
check out our online resources.


Treat your mind and heart
to a taste of peace.