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How to Meditate


Meditating is easy.

Raja Yoga even has the name ‘Easy Raja Yoga’. But sometimes getting started needs a little explanation. Here is a simple five-step process to follow. Soon you’ll arrive at the quiet still place with just a single stride – a single thought – and you won’t even need to take five steps…Continue Reading



Thoughts and Inspirations by Aruna Ladva
Staying Cool Wins the Game

Wimbledon-logo-300x300Wimbledon, the prestigious annual tennis competition in London, is upon us – grass courts, tennis whites and champagne, strawberries and cream abound. Every player is giving their utmost best to this traditional and most respected tournament. Yet it is not the glamour and high tech racquets and techniques that will win the game. More important is the mental attitude. Staying calm, confident and composed goes a long way towards helping win the match……. Continue Reading

Let’s Meditate…
Meditation Commentaries by Aruna Ladva

First the Introduction to Meditation
Unlike most other types of meditations, Raja Yoga Meditation is specifically practiced with open eyes. Closing our eyes may give us a moment of relief and a feeling of stepping away from it all but we may be fooling ourself. Simply closing the shutters of our house does not automatically make the problems outside go away….Continue Reading